Patents pending   1.888.985.8747

See music like you've never
seen it before.

The Triplet patent pending music light transforms your music stand into its own perfectly lighted stage - anywhere, anytime.

""I recently met Triplet Light as an exhibitor at the 2014 National Opera Association conference in New York.  I asked if we could use Triplet Lights for a performance of our Chamber Opera Winner.  I was taken aback by the consistency and uniformity of the light cast on the music from the top to the bottom of the page.  Even more impressive is the amount of control that can be achieved by these lights.  There is almost no light spill on the floor.  More importantly, from the audience you cannot see the light and the need for masking is completely eliminated.  This is so revolutionary and unique that I am sure it will become the industry standard in the very near future."  Gordon Ostrowski, Assistant Dean/Opera Producer, Manhattan School of Music" Gordon Ostrowsk - MSMNYC